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I blame the spring day. I obviously wasn’t ready for sunshine! Warm weather! Flowers popping up! E-gads. I mean I was mentally still deep in the winter abyss of snow, slush, sleet and wind chill. But I should have known something would happen. I got sloppy…a little arrogant maybe? I was in Columbus, O-H-I-O, my old home town, familiar places…sweet folks… False security?? I just forgot that morning! For the first time in months I didn’t recite my daily winter litany…calling upon all angels, sure-footed lesser gods and cloven-footed Capricorns to keep me upright…to keep my feet firmly planted on this earth,Por Favor. So it was inevitable…I’m a tad superstitious.

And so there I was just nonchalantly stepping onto that sidewalk looking around, talking to Mary and NOT minding where my shuffling feet were putting themselves. It only took one teeny-tiny misstep — well, actually a pretty big one (I do wear size 8-1/2)! I tripped and plopped on the sidewalk. Like just so much discarded litter, only bigger.

It hurt.

I hurt.

The sidewalk was fine.

I’d never broken anything before — unless you count my heart. That was all because of the murmuring ex-husband’s roving ways. I shouldn’t have been surprised since he roved his way into my life too.

Dear god, please don’t let this broken arm take as long to heal as my bleeding heart did. Amen.

The cats are totally unsympathetic. They think my inability to open cans a flimsy excuse for not getting their supper on the floor at 5 p.m. on the dot. They threaten to pack their grips and move next door with Len. Break my heart, I tell them… like he’d have you two pooping fur balls in his place. They know better. They trained Len well. When he comes to feed them, they mew plaintively of their pitiful life with a one-armed-non-treat-giver Ann. It works. He hides Temptations in the food.

Now, a week later, instead of bemoaning the sad fate of my right arm, I’m getting acquainted with my left. We’re becoming better pals, getting to know each other. How this translates to writing, however — we’ll have to wait and see.