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I don’t keep track of celestial comings and goings. I used to read my Horoscope every day but that was when there was a really great guy who wrote them in the Toronto Star. He never disappointed me. Every day he would predict marvellous adventures, new found lovers, wealth and contentment for my Capricorn being. I believed every word he wrote. But then he left. Was he fired for misinformation? Maybe his disappearance was in his Stars! All I know is that his departure marked the end of my reading horoscopes. After that I left my fate to chance. I haven’t seen any difference but how would I know since I haven’t been reading my horoscope?

Even without knowing what the run-of-the-mill stars and planets were up to on a daily basis, I did know at one point that you don’t mess with Mercury in Retrograde (MR). I didn’t always know this. I found out when I was going through divorce proceedings with the murmuring ex-husband. Nearing the end of that thankless, heartless and humiliating procedure, when I was ready to initial every line and sign at the bottom of the page, I got a call from my friend and wise woman, Christina. “Ann, STOP! Do NOT sign anything. Mercury is Retrograde.! You will regret it.” Who was I to tempt fate? Christina knew about these things! Anyway, what was another couple of weeks when I’d already gone through what felt like years of waiting? Did it make a difference? I have no idea but I think I’m glad I did it.

For a few years after that, I would keep the dates for MRs pencilled in my calendar. I thought it judicious to know. Here was this planet going backwards (seemingly) and turning things around and thus affecting my little life — well everyone else’s too. I tried to overcompensate during those periods. I’d plan extra time to get from here to there. I would send multiple emails about the same thing just to make sure that one got through (people did not appreciate that), and, of course, I put all major decision making on hold for three weeks. This last was a little difficult since I like to just go ahead and get things going. I even tried my best not to say things that would come out bassackwards. It sometimes worked. But then, like with so many other New Discoveries in My Life,  I forgot all about Mercury Retrogrades. So I didn’t ever make the connection between things getting screwy down here on earth and what was happening up there in the sky.

But then, yesterday, out of the Blue (Celestial?), I got a reminder about not messing with Mercury Retrograde. It was in an email from The Queen of Clutter, Cecilia Moorecroft. She had made a wee video (spaceforlife.ca) of an interview she had done with an Astrologer about the Happening-Right-Now-February-2014-Mercury-Retrograde. Wowsie! I was particularly interested because I recognized the older-but-still-familiar face of the astrologer she was interviewing. Years ago, this same woman had done my Astrological Chart — she knew all about my suns and moons rising and whatever else they did. Was she trying to get another message through to me? I felt I was fated to watch this video right then and there. I wasn’t disappointed. In a mere ten minutes I got a Brush-Up Course on Good Ole’ Mercury Retrograde — and, I must say, at the absolute perfect time.

I could have made a BIG mistake, eh? Unbeknownst to me, there I was right at the beginning of Mercury Retrograde ready to charge out there and make a quick decision about choosing a self publishing group to get Annie’s Odyssey out there in print. I just really wanted to get things moving. Clean off the desk! Cross that one off my list! But it wasn’t meant to be. Good old Mercury threw a kibosh on that idea. I should have seen the clues all along. First of all, Sarah, my irreplaceable Social Media and all Things Technical Guru, announced to me over breakfast last Sunday that she was Out-of-Pocket, Unavailable, No Free Time until March to help me with the selection! I was disappointed but didn’t say that. March! I didn’t want to do this all alone. Then, a few days later, my meeting with a self-publishing group had to be cancelled because of unforeseen circumstances — “Hah,” Mercury must have said! The Plot Thickens. Then, then, then, three times this week I have had a Hell on Rails Commute on the good old TTC! Cripes. Every trip took longer than expected, was more crowded, had angrier people and was driven by downright rude drivers.

So it was good to get some kind of astrological meaning why the hell all these things were happening. I’m relieved and thankful for that reminder from my Old Astrologer. I decided I’m going follow her advice. From now until February 28th when, hopefully, Mercury decides to straighten itself out, I’m concentrating on all those “REs” — researching, reflecting, reviewing, revising, remembering, replenishing, repairing and maybe, by the end, rejoicing! So hopefully it will restore an equilibrium in my life and get me on the road to self publishing. I don’t think it will make a bit of difference in the service on the 506 College Streetcar, but one can hope.