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A fellow blogger wrote to all her followers this week that she was taking the summer off! Not exactly off-off, but not writing any, not one, new blog. She’s calling this her “summer of the redux” — which translates into recycled blogs to keep her followers interested. But, really, will we be? If I wanted to read her old blogs, couldn’t I just scroll through her archives and choose and pick the ones I like best? And, I ask you, isn’t that against all the rules of blogging? My social-media-and-all-things-technical guru, Sarah, would not approve, I’m sure. When she sat me down all those months ago (Is it really almost two years?), she emphasized to me in her straight-forward, no nonsense, take-heed-of-this voice, “Ann, you have to blog on a regular basis.” She implied that otherwise I might as well stay where I was in a social-media vacuum. (I have to admit, that, at that time, my fear level of beginning this whole venture into social media was great enough that that option seemed a good alternative.) But I couldn’t — I knew she was right and so did she.

Sarah, being Sarah, would have preferred that I blog every day to build up readership — which did make sense. I didn’t tell Sarah, but in my heart-of-hearts I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I mean, really, did I have that much to say about anything to put it out on the web every single day? (I know that reasoning has not stopped a lot of other bloggers.) Sarah offered me a compromise — write every week but, preferably, on the same day. Well, that hasn’t happened either. At the beginning, I was religious about posting my blog every Friday. But then things like paid-work or creative black holes sabotaged my word writing. But, even with those obstacles, I have managed to put words out there that do say something about this Annie’s Odyssey.

But, this vacation stuff does sound inviting, eh? I could, like the blogger above, go into redux. I could resurrect my own Best-of-the-Best. Think about it, I could put together a series of Blogs About the Cats — they’d love it. They already think of themselves as the STARS of this blog and remind me of that on a regular basis. But I know absolutely, for sure, that their not-so-little cat egos would inflate to a size that would fill the entire apartment. No way! Or, why not take another trip down Route 66? That was fun. I could even resurrect all those early blogs about starting the writing of Mediterranean Journey, especially now that it’s almost a book. Just, maybe, this vacationing blogger has the right idea.

But the thing is — I’d miss writing every week. Yes, I, like the vacationing blogger, could still write other things and, like her, enjoy not having my own self-imposed deadlines. But I know me well enough to know that I wouldn’t do it. For too many years, I promised myself to write on a more regular basis and now, finally, I’m doing it. So I think I’ll just spend my summer vacation — Can one have a vacation if one is not working on a regular basis? — cruising through my new adventures in blog writing.

I wonder what other bloggers feel about vacations?