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Greetings! It’s not often I post two, count them one-two, blogs in the same week, but I wanted to get the word out that I’ve just set up (with the invaluable, could-not-do-without assistance of my Social-Media-and-All-Things-Technical Guru, Sarah — Drum Roll, Please — The Mediterranean Journey Book website!

There you’ll find out everything you’ll want to know about upcoming book signings and readings, how to get the book and this author to come over for one of your book club evenings, recipes that appeared in my cookbook I created during my journey and which will form the basis of The Mediterranean Journey Cookbook coming out next year. I plan to include some tantalizing excerpts from the book for those of you who haven’t decided yet to make that purchase. There’s a page of reviews that I’ll add to as more come in. And, there’s a special page for any and all of you to put your own comments about the book. Such good stuff!

Of course, Annie’s Odyssey isn’t going anywhere. They’ll still be a weekly blog about whatever moves me that particular week. Yes, the cats will still be guest authors although I’m not sure I’ll let them into the Mediterranean Journey website — I just heard a loud “That’s-what-you-think harumph!” from the back of the couch.

I hope you’ll consider following both sites — that would be outstanding, indeed!


Attention All Book-Clubbers: I’m very excited to announce that I’m offering a special package to bring Mediterranean Journey to Book Clubs! This package will include: A discount on books for book club members (of course), a Special Menu culled from the food mentioned in the book that the host could serve at the book club, and an In-Person appearance by the author for a reading, listening and a Question & Answer session. If your book club is looking for something specific just let me know, this program is open to change!

Amazon.com Buyers: If any of you purchased your copy of Mediterranean Journey from Amazon.com, you might consider writing a short review of what you thought about the book!

Buy This Book: In case you haven’t found the link for ordering Mediterranean Journey: A Young Woman’s Travels Through 1970s Europe, here it is. The book is available worldwide through Amazon.com, or, if you want a signed copy, you can order it from me at ann@anneyerman.com. Copies are $14.99 + S&H each, or special offer 2 copies for $25 ($US/$CDN)! PayPal, check, money order and cash are all accepted. Great Holiday Gifts!