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I’m not sure how easy it’s going to be to write this blog while sitting under a palm tree, lulling in the pool waiting for the barbecue to be cooked and the wine to be chilled. God, that sounds decadent and wonderful doesn’t it? And it is!

I don’t dare send the cats a postcard about my Florida adventures. They would be righteously and enormously jealous. They were quite miffed when the borrowed red-suitcase came out again and was filled with my things and not one single catnip toy or treats or their favorite shades for the beach. Cats can get quite snippy when left home. I hope they don’t destory the place or have wild parties that annoy the neighbors.

But, and this is my true confession, because of all this R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N, I have drifted into a vacation lull so profound that I don’t think I can write a “proper” blog this week. I can hear the cats Tsk-Tsk-Tsking all the way down here — I can’t get away from their taunts. “Hey, Ann, get the words down on paper.” They just want their weekly bit of fame — even at long distance. I have tried repeatedly, I really have. I even have witnesses which, I think, may be part of my challenge. I’m used to writing in a silent vacuum — a little classical music on the radio, maybe Rose talking in her sleep from the back of the couch but that’s it. And here there are sweet family and friends around who like to talk and laugh and tell me excellent things about this place where I have found myself. And that’s all good.

Have I become too much of a recluse after all these years living alone for my own good and the good of my writing? Shouldn’t a writer be able to write under any and all circumstances? I’m always putting these “shoulds” on my writing — like I haven’t imposed enough rules on Ann-As-A-Writer already, eh? I think it all comes down to style and superstition. (I read once that John Steinbeck only used a certain number of pencil to write and that each pencil had to be sharpened to a certain point. His agent kept him supplied.)

My other problem is that this is the first blog I’ve written on my iPad so I seem to be tripping over new snags every other paragraph — like trying to load pictures for this blog that end up in strange places that they were not intended to inhabit. So I think it best to just leave it as is and wait until next week to show you my tan.


Tomorrow, May 3, we’re all taking Mediterranean Journey  to the OXFORD EXCHANGE in downtown Tampa for the Book Fair! Looking forward to meeting Florida readers.