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After several piss poor attempts at writing a blog from my discombobulated-after-travel mind, those of us here on Major Street Apartment 2 — Rose, Nick, Harriet and me — are going to take this week off. I thought it best to spare you — and me — from stories about my frayed nerves as surgery gets closer, rants about the bloody heat, laments, joys and regrets about my vacation with family and the Weird Quiet that is Toronto on a holiday weekend. So this is it!

I’m “taking” the Labour Day Weekend Holiday! I’m going to the pool for aquafit, feed cat clients, and then, stop over at the Art Gallery with Jennette to see an exhibit on Art of the Americas. When I get home I’ll have my aperitif on the porch and fix a yummy fish dinner. The fish is complements of dear Len next door. It’s walleye, my favorite. He caught it a week or so ago and I have been saving it for a night like tonight. After dinner, I’ll turn on the tube and watch something ridiculous. Now that sounds civilized, doesn’t it?

Not to worry, Harriet and I — with encouragement from the cats — did our hour and a half of exercises today. Mustn’t miss even one day of strengthening, strengthening, strengthening — especially since the clock is ticking very loudly indeed.

We’ll all be back next week for sure. It’s Countdown Time.

In the vacation mode, here’s a picture of me being paddled around Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City last Sunday with my nephew, Joe. We were supposed to be sailing but, alas, there was no wind. I missed having the splashes of water as promised. I wanted to cool down from the Oklahoma heat. But it was all good and I did see this amazing egret just hanging out on the banks.

Peacefulness on Lake Hefner