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My bad habits — or some of them at least — have sneaked themselves in the back door of my life and plopped themselves down to stay for the winter. I would say they were “uninvited” but that would be a lie. I missed them a lot over the past two months when they weren’t around. Trouble is, I made the mistake of replacing them with a few new ones. Now, unfortunately, I have double the trouble to contend with. Needless to say, these “bad” habits have to do with food and drink and ridiculous computer games and bad TV — what else, eh?

And now, while I bloat my body, my mind has been taken over by Adele singing “Hello” on repeat play in my head. It’s been hard to concentrate on anything except it! Ever since someone sent me the link of her appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show, I haven’t been able to shake it out even with out-loud renditions of “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”. I really liked the clip and Jimmy Fallon and the song and Adele but it’s too much. It stays in my head all day whether I’m writing, reading, watching TV and/or — since I tend to do these things in twos — imbibing in my BAD HABITS.  I find myself do-wahhing it as I walk down the street. It even has appeared as the soundtrack for my dreams at night. And today there it was again in the grocery store. Does that make it a good song or just an annoying one? Whichever, it is stuck in my head like another bad habit.

I could blame this whole mess on Harriet, aka The Knee and BBC — Bloody Blood Clot. I think I will. I have been doing nothing for the past two months except taking care of them. Every day I take the meds for the BBC and then make sure that Harriet gets walked, exercised, stretched, iced-down, coddled and placed in a comfortable position as she watches her favorite shows on the tube. Even with all that attention, she still hurts and won’t bend when I want her to and I’m sure her Range of Motion has gone below the degree it was when we left therapy which will be sure to get a Tsk Tsk from the amazing Dr. M when I see him in December. It’s enough for anyone to crave comfort food or just plain junk.

But, folks, it’s winter. Aren’t we supposed to be fattening ourselves up to fight the cold, dark nights? I want to have mashed potatoes and my mom’s fried dumplings and macaroni and cheese made with Velveeta. I say, to hell with vegetables and healthy eating. Give me carbs washed down with a respectable and inexpensive Spanish red wine. I know none of this is good for me. I really should have used those months of abstinence to change habits so that when I got off the narcotics I wouldn’t go right back to what I was doing before the surgery — such as eating my supper while watching Jeopardy.

I don’t think I’m going to do anything drastic about all this until after the holidays and my birthday and until the Solstice starts bringing back the light two-minutes a day, every day. Anyway, all the holiday schlock is on TV now and I’m a sucker for the fa-la-la-ing. And, let’s face it, anyone needs a few bad habits to get through this season and all that merriment.

Oh, and another thing, I bit the bullet and paid the $1.29 and downloaded “Hello”. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I totally succumbed to the marketing pitch. But, you know what?  I haven’t thought of that song since I paid the money.