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I have moved me and this laptop out on the porch to sit amongst my blooming flower pots and flourishing herbs. I thought maybe that by surrounding myself with plants growing IMG_1186my muddled brain would shake itself out of this malaise and write something. So far the muses of imagination and creativity are still AWOL.

I think part of my problem this weekend is that I’ve been too-much alone. I have managed to go two days without interacting with another human being except for borrowing some WD-40 or 50 or whatever it is yesterday from Leslie (a two minute conversation) and a 10 block chat with a native man on the bus today. It started with him telling me that he had been up all night partying but had an hour’s sleep and was ok to go. I said I couldn’t do that anymore — was I ever able to do that? He assured me that he was going to be partying at 74 just like he did at 24. I laughed and wished him luck especially since he had a pack of cigarettes in his pocket. He then told me all of the reasons why now was just not the right time to quit, starting with the fact that he only paid $2.50 on the reserve for a pack. I didn’t buy that excuse at all and told him when I quit, cigarettes were $1. He went on to list at least five other reasons why now was just not the right time. They sounded an awful lot like mine  when I was his age and contemplating quitting. I “shared” that with him and he just smiled and said that maybe he just wasn’t ready to do it yet. I told him that sounded about right. And then I got off the bus and that was that.

I have had several conversations this weekend with cats so I guess that counts for sociability. Summer is the busy season for The Excellent Cat Sitter, moi, so I have been here and there all weekend telling lonely cats not to worry, their owners would come back. My two feel neglected and overlooked when I get too busy with other felines. As soon as I walk in the door, they’re suspicious and start sniffing my shoes and giving me accusatory glances like I’ve been cheating on them. I’ve tried to explain to them that it’s all business and, really, benefits them as much as me. Where do they think the money comes from for those Temptations and expensive, but-oh-so-good-for-you food? They point out that before I was The Excellent Cat Sitter they still had Temptations and ate good food. That’s when I decide to end the conversation and play endless games of Free Cell on the computer.

I think the only thing to do now is just admit that even this sweet garden of mine is not inspiring me to do anything except water it. I just have to accept that today I’m just not going to produce more profound or funny or interesting stories out of my sleepy brain.


Rose giving me the evil eye as I try to ignore her and keep writing.

Anyway, Rose is roaming around out here complaining loudly that I am 22 minutes and counting late for her supper to be put on the floor. She reminds me that Excellent Cat Sitting must start at home.