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I started out this day in just the best of moods. Not off-the-top crazy happy, but contented. For one thing, it was not stinky, awful, putrid hot like it’s been for what seems like forever. How many days over 90 degrees can this woman take? Not one more, that’s how many she can’t take. I just get crazy with the heat. I’m crabby, unproductive, yell at the cats and, to add to my misery, I hate air conditioning. I try not to turn it on and pretend that I’m just ok sweating over my computer and pretending that my little $5 fan from Home Hardware is doing an amazing job of cooling this house. But then, Rose starts following me around complaining, loudly that she is wearing a fur coat and I am one selfish owner thinking more about this month’s hydro bill than I am about her comfort. I always give in. Her nagging just makes the misery of this heat even worse — if that’s possible. I’ve been praying to the weather gods to not send any more, no more, none of these sweltering days. I do believe in Global Warming, I do, but let it come in winter. This Sunday, they must of heard my pleas and took pity on me and sent me a hot, but not disgustingly humid day to get through. I thanked them with a smile of contentment.

But then I went to brunch and let myself get all riled up about something stupid which I really cared nothing about but had to put my two — no, really one — cents worth into the argument. I’ve always been like this — ask my mother. Well, actually, you can’t ask my mother since she’s been gone for quite a few years now. But, if she was still around, she would have sighed this morning and said something like, “Annie, why are you always like that?” Yeah, mom, I know, I should just keep my mouth shut and I’d feel much better now. There is so much I know nothing about but when folks start ragging on my country of origin I get ridiculously defensive about it. It’s ok if I voice criticisms, I have the right, I’m a card carrying member. But when very sweet but sometimes smug Canadians do it, I get my dander up and make some absurd comments that even I don’t believe. Well, that’s what happened this morning resulting in my feeling just blah the rest of this day.

I’ve done nothing but mope around, admonishing myself for not just sitting back and letting the conversation get on without me. Like a lot of good this does, eh? Instead, I herewith promise myself that I will in the future just smile and let folks get on with their own stories. Now, I’m going to go finish making the potato salad, walk up the stree to feed my newest cat clients, then go out and give my garden some much needed TLC. I’m also not going to complain to Rose about the piles of hair she is leaving all over this dining room table. Om and Om again.