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Every year at this time, our neighbourhood has their Fall Fair. And every year, I tell myself that I am not going to volunteer to work on the Silent Auction. It’s not that I’m not good at it and it, certainly, is not  because I hate my neighbourhood, I just didn’t want to do it. So, when August came around, I started practicing a firm but friendly “So, sorry. I just cannot do it this year.” I wanted to be ready when that pleading email arrived in my inbox. Sure enough, just as the waves hit the shore, there it was. I was ready, firm in my resolve not to volunteer. I wrote a friendly, polite but firm, “No can do” reply. But, then, somehow, against my better judgment and wishes, I find myself right in the middle of it again. Why do I do this? I promised myself that this year I would be one of the neighbours who just went to the fair to look, have a beer and a hot dog, talk to folks I know, and maybe even bid on the Silent Auction but not cross over to the other side of those tables and start working.

I’m such a schmuck when someone I like needs help and asks for just a little bit of help, nothing too much. I was supposed to just prep the young couple who were in charge of the whole thing this year. My friend, asked me to just go to a meeting and give them tips and show them the ropes since I had done it a few years ago. That sounded easy enough and not too involved. But somehow I let the whole thing mushroom into something that looks an awful lot like I’m running the show.

And, to be honest, I like working with these people and bouncing ideas around and local gossip. But the problem is, I’m such a Capricorn that once I start working on a project like this, my mind gets geared up and then, in the middle of the night, I start thinking about things that need to be done. Oh well, the Fair is tomorrow and then it will be finished for another year. I’m already practicing my No-nein-non reply for when that inevitable email comes next year. I think I’ll go and get my Safe Serve Certificate so I can work at the beer stand instead.