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I’ve been wearing around this 70th year for a day now. It feels like I am squirming myself into it like putting on a pair of tight jeans. But that could be the result of just the amount


How it all began. Me and my Mom making our marks.They didn’t bother measuring me — or giving me a birth certificate — it being Christmas Eve and all.

of food I have consumed in the past four days with friends celebrating this –what? I can’t say achievement since I didn’t really do anything to get here except stay alive. Maybe it’s just the appreciation of the significance of my moving into this part of my living. I must have done something right along the way to have these folks around me now, eh?

I don’t think we ever really think of aging and what it means until we get here. I certainly didn’t. I didn’t freak at turning 40, in fact I was delighted since I hated my 30s. I celebrated that decade by learning to tap dance, taking driving lessons, finishing my degree and quitting smoking. At 50 I moved to Toronto which at the time was a devastatingly hard thing to do with the murmuring ex husband not being exactly welcoming but it was gutsy and proved to be the opening of a whole new life. In my 60s I learned to swim and set aside at least one fear, published two books and became the Excellent Cat Sitter.

And, now, the 70s? One of the blessings of aging that I’ve found is that you can just get rid of a lot of unnecessary second-guessing, putting up with boring or hateful people, beating yourself up over something that happened 20 years ago and a slew of other baggage that has held you down for too long. There is a freedom here in this aging body and I plan to breathe into that freedom and leave more fears behind and try to do good in this crazy, sometimes sad world we have become. So bring on these years and I’ll do my best for them and for me. This is just the beginning.

The sun just came out for a brief visit this Christmas morning. I thank all the gods for that since the grey does get me down. Now I’m going to go spread my joy and some food for the two houses of cats I’m sitting for and then spend the afternoon laughing and telling


Celebrating my 70th birthday with good friends and a very attentive French waiter who sang Happy Birthday to Me!

stories with my dear friend, Judith. A very good way, indeed, to start this 70th decade.

I’ll be writing more of my adventures as I make my way into the 70s. There’s much to see, much to do, talks to have and maybe even a few tears to shed. But, it will be exciting — well, for me at least.