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I am not going to write a whole bunch today. My words seem to have dried up with the arrival of really hot, humid weather. I don’t function all that well when it gets like this. I’m not complaining since this summer we’ve had so much rain and rain and rain and cooler temperatures, it hasn’t even felt like summer was here. But today it is in residence. I also spent too much of this day doing things I don’t really like doing — like putting a second coat of varnish on the porch furniture.

I am a terrible, messy and sloppy painter so I don’t like doing it at all. I don’t like preparing for it and I don’t like cleaning up after it. Steven, god love him, came over and put the first coat on but left coat two to me. I put it off and put it off as long as I could today, but I eventually had to go out there and get it done. Now the whole apartment nauseatingly smells like varnish but the table and chairs look a whole lot better. And, surprisingly for me, I was not covered with mahogany-coloured varnish when I finished which is a first in my painting history.

Between that and doing three loads of wash, ironing a pile of clothes that have been occupying the rocking chair upstairs for the past three weeks — and would still be there if I had anything else to wear, and going to a very strenuous aquafit class this morning, I am pooped. So there’s no energy left in me to be clever and creative with this blog.

Rose just told me that I could always write about how beautiful, smart and considerate she is, but I’d be telling a fib so I’m not even going to write about cats.

No, instead, I’m going to get a glass of wine, so nibblies and my book and go out on the porch and enjoy this summer evening.

See you next week.