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And that time is right here and now.

I don’t think I have it in me to write anything for this blog this week. It doesn’t mean that there haven’t been things happening worthy of my thoughts and words. I mean it was a semi-eventful week in my usual uneventful life. It started with getting a set of new teeth on Monday and ending on Friday with  having to get a screeching, clawing Rose into a carrier — very ugly, indeed — and then to the vet where she pretended to be just the sweetest cat in the world just to get the hell out of there.

But I don’t think I have it in me to put those words together into sentences with periods and commas and maybe a little humour. I could blame this malaise on being outside in the heat and humidity all day but I wasn’t. Even though this dull ache of a headache feels just like the heat headaches I used to get in Benidoleig. But, alas, there I had one of the witches in the village to murmur a few words over a pot of boiling water which would pull the headache right out of me. (I know it sounds weird but it happened to me more than once since, in those days, I was not as wise to the power of the sun beating down on an un-hatted head.) Or I could blame it on being upset by a certain conversation at lunch which I chose silence over commenting about it at the time. A good idea, I thought, on this particular day but one that sits with me now like a bad hangover.

So I’m going to just skip writing more this week. You are spared from contrived and insincere paragraphs that would be put together just to get words down on paper. It happens to people who write whether it’s a grocery list or a best seller. There are just sometimes when you have to just walk away from the “page” and hope that the next time you sit down to write the ideas and the words and the spirit will be there. And the writing will be fun and worthy of your time.