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Rose and I are moping around singing the blues so neither of us think it’s such a good idea to write a blog about our sighs. Rose, also, would like to point out that her arthritis is hurting like hell so she would rather you didn’t hear her moans and complaints and continue to think of her as the sweet spirited, slightly-overweight, beautiful, black-and-white, very mellow cat. Only about half of that is actually true — well maybe just the back and white part. But, it is important for cats, like people, to maintain a rosy picture of themselves and not necessarily the one that we see every day in the mirror. Oh, she just added, that even though she is hurting, she has not complained nearly as much as she could have — and definitely not as much as I have over the sinus headaches I’ve been getting by having the heat on.

So we’ll be back next week hopefully with better spirits and more words and tales of our lives here in this not-so-new neighbourhood. Explorations have begun in earnest, new discoveries on the avenues and yet more elevator acquaintances to tell you about. It’s all part of our story and well worth the telling — or at least we think so.

So it’s 6 o’clock on Sunday night and this part of the duo is just back from a Kurt Weill opera which, even with its sad ending, was amazing. But I also haven’t eaten since breakfast and know that my sugar levels will start to rise and, believe me — and Rose will concur — you don’t want me writing words in that state of mind.

Have a wonderful end of November if that’s possible and a good start to the beginning of the last month of this bloody year.