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A very happy fourth day of Christmas to each and all of my readers. I don’t have four French hens, or even Canadian ones for that matter, to give you, but I do have news. In the new year, this blog site will have a new look and a new direction to lead me and all of you through the new year. That’s a lot of new-s but I’m excited to get started. My good friend and social media and all things technical guru, Sarah, is on her way here as we speak to start the overhaul and get things moving.

Annie’s Odyssey remains but will resurrect with an updated look and spirit. Not to worry, Rose, the sweet but temperamental cat, will still figure grandly in the stories I write. As all of you cat owners know, how could it be any other way?

I’m eager and excited to enter 2019 with an enthusiasm and appreciation that 2018 did everything in its power to extinguish. I believe that this new year will truly be an unbelievably exciting, joyful and prosperous new year for us all.

See you here in 2019!