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Here I am again, sitting down to write this blog. I’ve missed it but I had sunk into a little bit of a mire and just couldn’t pull myself out enough to put words down here. But, it’s time. A lot has happened including a broken arm, aka Macy, a lot of healing that still isn’t done and re-meeting my friend Naoki.

I first met Naoki when he was about 4 years old and used to hang out in the beauty parlour where his mom worked. He was never shy and felt perfectly at ease with the women who came in to have their hair and nails and waxing done. I got to meet him mainly over the spelling of G-U-M which I think he figured out that I’d cough up the gum whether he spelled it right or not.

When I was moving last year, I discovered that he and his mom and dad were across the street neighbours of mine. It was one of the few happy moments that I had in those early days of living here. But a year has passed and I’m feeling more at home and a lot of it has to do with Naoki helping me heal from my broken arm and taking good care of Rose-The-Cat.

He, also, has been teaching me a lot about food joints in the neighbourhood. So he and I have decided to use this blog every once in a while, to share with you the fun we’re going to have eating and writing our way down St. Clair Avenue So far we’ve had a pub meal, sliders and lamb chops at a more upscale restaurant and tacos in a butcher shop. We’ll write about them all and definitely more — or as many as our pocket books and waistlines can afford.

So, from here on out, sometimes this blog will be me telling more stories about whatever adventures I find myself embarking on. And, then, other times it will be Naoki and I reviewing the yummy or not-so-yummy food that we find on the Avenue,

Whenever you see this picture — drawn by my downstairs neighbour, Moo — you’ll know that it’s a Annie/Naoki blog.


This is Moo’s drawing of the two of us. It captures a lot of our energy and spirit and the friends we have become. Check out more of Moo’s art here.


It’s good to be back writing again and I hope you stick around to hear all mine and our stories.