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Here I am ready to write this week’s blog and nothing’s coming. I missed my Friday self-imposed — reinforced by Moo whom I delegated to push me to get back to writing — deadline. I decided that if I got up reasonably early today and skipped the hour of exercise, I could knock out a blog before going to aquafit. That was the plan. But here I sit, writing about not writing in between playing guilt-ridden games of Freecell.

I remember when I was first setting up this blog with my social-media-and-all-things-technical guru, Sarah, she said to me when the last technical glitch was corrected, “Ok, Ann, write your first blog!” Boom, just like that put nouns and verbs and prepositions and punctuation down on this screen and send it out to the cyberspace where anyone could read them. I might have laughed or looked at her questioningly, but I do remember her taking over the keyboard and typing a sentence like, “This is my first post on my new blog.” 

This morning, I feel like I’m back to that same blank-headed person of that first blog. So why push it, eh? The words will come when the words are good and ready to come and not a second before. I have learned over the years that I can’t push my muses to appear when I’ve “scheduled” a writing session. They’re stubborn and a tad lazy and come when they’re good and ready to come and not a minute earlier. Therefore, I am declaring this post finished and am going to go about my day trying to stay on the up-beat side of this holiday season which isn’t always easy. I’ll let you know how I do with that particular challenge. Meanwhile, keep reading and writing and laughing.

And, most importantly, light a light to dispel this winter darkness.