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I hate Daylight Savings Time. I am sitting here today groggy, achy head, out–of-sorts in all ways. If I felt this way because I had just come back from a European vacation and had jet lag, I wouldn’t mind. But artificially losing that hour of sleep last night, carries none of the sweet memories that that imaginary trip would have had. No, this messing with time always brings out the complaining, slightly bitchy, unreasonable side of me. “Why,” I ask, — like I do every year– “do we do this?”  My friend M said, days before she lost that hour of sleep, “Anything that gets me that extra light in the evenings is ok with me.” Well, not with me, my friend! I feel like it’s all fake. The light at 5 o’clock shouldn’t be the 6 o’clock light or the other way around. It’s all a lie.

I remember when I was a kid and my mother would tell us as we slipped out of the house after supper in the summer, “Be Back Here Before Dark!!!” It always seemed that there was an “Or Else,” attached to that statement though I never tested it. It was a reasonable rule since we all knew that the alleys we played in were filled with Ghosts and Creepy People and Wild Animals after dark so who would want to stay out? Well, my crazy brothers might have tempted fate, I guess. And “dark” came at a reasonable hour in those days leaving enough time to get twelve little bodies washed up and put to bed and still have time to watch The Loretta Young Show. Was that so bad, really? Did we really need to have sunlight until 10?

I know I’m sounding like a crazy old lady — which I am not (at least most of the time). Maybe it’s just this uncomfortable body and the light that’s just a little off that’s making me feel this way. I heard today in the locker room where all truths are born that “They” are thinking about getting rid of Standard Time and having Daylight Savings Time all the time. How can you just make a legislative decision to do something like that? But I guess if they can decide to move up Daylight Savings Time by a few weeks and end it after Halloween so the kids will be Trick or Treat-ing in daylight — like who ever wants to go out on Halloween before it gets dark? — they can do that, too.

I don’t know. I like it to get dark in the evenings — not winter dark at 4 pm, mind you — but 8:30 or 9 is reasonable. When I was living in Spain, it wouldn’t get dark in the evening until 10 which was ridiculous since you couldn’t, according to the women on my street, eat supper til the sun went down … or at least I think that’s what they were telling me. And I know, even with the best sleep mask in the world,  I could never live in one of those Scandinavian countries where the sun hangs out until midnight, for heaven’s sake. No, give me dark and stars in the sky when it’s time to tuck myself in bed.

But, no one is asking my opinion about any of this so I just have to vent my discomfort here and let it stand at that. I’m sure there will be some night this summer when I’m out and thankful for that extra light in the evenings. But don’t look for me to confess that here.