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I took a two hour walk yesterday. I was delivering cookies to my friend’s kids and picking up a puzzle on the porch. I’ve tried to take a solo walk every day keeping that ever-important 6 feet from anyone else who’s out there. For the most part, folks are very respectful of that social distancing — they’re as careful with me as I am with them. I also take someone with me on the phone. Yesterday, for my longest of long walks, I called my brother Tom. He had visited here last fall and so had an idea of where I was and what I was seeing. When I got back home and texted him that the second half of my walk seemed longer because I wasn’t talking to him, he wrote back and said, “It was a sacrifice but it is Lent after all.” HaHa.

The walks have been a wonderful way to get to know my neighbourhood. In the two years I’ve lived here, I’ve walked to the subway, to stores, to the Saturday farmers’ market, down St. Clair to cafes to work and eat French pastries, to the wine store and once to the ravine at the end of my street. I had no idea what was around here until now. There are a maze of streets that all have “wood” in them — Maplewood, Wychwood, Humewood, Pinewood. Makes me think that at one time this was a forest that is all gone except for these names and the trees in that little ravine at the end of my street.

I wish I had a paper map that I could spread out on the table so I could see how all these wood streets hooked up with other lanes and avenues and roads to form this neighbourhood. Google maps just doesn’t do it. I’ve gotten turned around and confused on some of those walks and found myself after a few turns which I thought were leading me to a new direction, right back where I started. I have liked these walks a lot. It’s been my way to see gardens budding, hear kids playing in their yards, to see neighbours talking form porch to porch, to get some exercise in the just-about-spring weather, to talk to friends and family and, perhaps most importantly,  to dispel cabin fever for an hour or so.

Will I continue these explorations when I have other options and can get on the subway and streetcar and bus again to go further afield and explore other neighbourhoods? Will I plead sore feet and aching knees and too much to do? Don’t know what will happen, but I do know, that right now, I’m going to put on my shoes and go take a walk.


Be Safe. Be Well. And Wash Your Hands