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I think this is going to be a blog of few words. Tomorrow Sue and I are off on our first road trip together. It was Sue’s idea. She said to me months ago, “If the gods of corona virus choose to lower the numbers I want to take a road trip with you!”

She was going to be in between contracts and wanted to start her celebrations on turning 50, and she wanted to do a road trip with me? I was flattered and a little apprehensive. I reminded her that I had an old cat at home who has chronic kidney disease and is diabetic. and is high maintenance in her demands for treats, wipe downs and more treats.  Not to be put off, she said: “You have until the first week of September to find someone to take care of The Rose. We’re going on a road trip?”

She does not take excuses lightly — even very valid ones like Rose. I asked her where we were going:

“To Ohio!” she replied.

“Why??”I asked?”

“To meet your family.” Period, amen. End of destination talk.

I was touched, if not a little surprised with her answer. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to Columbus with a friend. And too long since I’d seen my sibs in person — years of zoom have been great but you can’t hug someone on zoom.

So tomorrow we’re off. Rose — aka The Queen — has multiple caretakers who will stop in to give her food, treats, shots, wipe downs, little kisses and remind her how much she’s loved.

On the way, I’ll teach Sue how to do the O-H-I-O sign with her arms. It’s essential. Maybe, I should warn her that once we pass the sign “Entering Ohio,” I sing every song I know about Ohio. Or maybe not.

I’ll be making notes all week and write all about it next week.See you then.