Job Coaching

I provide transformative job coaching services to enable clients to see their own worth and the possibilities that are available to them in the job market.

I bring to this work a compassionate albeit realistic outlook on the best strategy for a client to continue their job search. This includes one-on-one discussions to assist the client in clarifying goals, skill sets, job search methodology, and to identify what would be their ideal employment. I stress that in this economic climate it is important to be open to change and different opportunities and to rethink what your work day might look like in the future.

With over 5 years in the field, I have assisted hundreds of clients with their resumes, interview skills, job search methodology and regaining confidence in their employment potential.

For more information, you can contact me at  I do offer a sliding scale payment for the unemployed.

“I came in here today feeling hopeless. After an hour with you, I am confident and ready for anything. Thank you.” Robert C.

“Ann gives more than just employment advice, she makes you feel important.” Teresa H.

1 thought on “Job Coaching”

  1. Thank you for guiding me towards the direction. The knowledge, experience and guidance you share, is coupled with your encouraging and friendly manner. I encourage others to meet with you and be inspired by their self-worth as well!

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