Women in the Office, by Ann Eyerman

Women in the Office: Transitions in a Global Economy

Women in the Office: Transitions in a Global Economy” is a compelling portrait of the issues facing office workers in today’s economy.

“Whether you are struggling to survive as an e-slave, piecing together a series of temporary or part-time jobs, or exhilarated by the rapidity of workplace change, you will find Ann Eyerman’s analysis of women’s work dynamic, engaging and hopeful.” — Maureen Hynes, Coordinator, School of Labour, George Brown College

“Stories of courage mixed with analysis, strategies and resources … you’ll want to give this to every office worker you know.”  — Cindia Cameron, Organizing Director, 9 to 5, National Association of Working Women.

Women Working the NAFTA Food Chain: Women, Food and Globalization

Ann’s chapter “Serving Up Service: Fast-Food and Office Women Workers Doing It With A Smile” looks at how the restructuring and downsizing of the labour source demands “leaner and meaner” employees who are influenced by those changes and can respond to them.

“This book is a triumph! It should be required reading in all Women’s Studies classes!”  — Patricia Allen, University of California

Winner of the 1999 IPPY Independent Book Publisher Awards, in the category of Women’s Issues.


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