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A sad farewell to my sweet cat, Nicky who left his body on Thanksgiving Day and left his spirit here for me and his sister, Rose, to help us heal our broken hearts. We are both blessed and better for having loved him and for all of the unconditional love and caring that he gave us. Rose just snorted because she could tell you stories about her brother and all the work it took on her part to get him to be the wonderful cat that he was.

I’m too weepy to write an eloquent obituary for this most eloquent cat. That will have to come later when my heart heals a bit and Rose doesn’t look so sad and lonely.

Meanwhile, love your animals — no love all animals — they are so much kinder and wiser and more loving than we humans will ever be.





Nick looking towards the heaven where he now resides. Nicky Eyerman — 2005-2018